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Differential Forms in Electromagnetic Theory

Brigham Young University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
459 Clyde Building, Provo, Utah 84602

Richard H. Selfridge, David V. Arnold and
Karl F. Warnick

The differential forms research group at BYU is investigating the use of the calculus of differential forms in teaching and research. Differential forms have been used to express Maxwell's laws since early in this century, but many of the advantages of forms as a tool for applied electromagnetics have only recently been discovered. Relative to the usual vector analysis treatment, differential forms make elementary electromagnetics clearer, simpler, and more intuitive. At the same time, differential forms are a powerful tool for research, and open the way for the application of powerful tools of modern differential geometry to electromagnetics. The purpose of this website is to make available publications and course materials to those interested in differential forms and their use in research and teaching.

Download the latest EM theory course notes, also available in pdf form.

I have recently published a new book on electromagnetics using differential forms with problems and solutions: K. Warnick and P. Russer, Problem Solving in Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuit, and Antenna Design for Communications Engineering, Norwood, MA: Artech House, 2006.

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